The time trial is for most cyclists their first exposure to competitive cycle sport as it is accessible to all and many choose to concentrate exclusively on the discipline.

One of its appeals is its simplicity: cyclists riding alone against the clock over a set distance with the winner the rider covering the distance in the shortest time.

You're really only racing yourself and trying to improve your own time. No special kit is required and it's a great way to measure progression in your fitness

The standard distances for time trial events are 10, 25, 30, 50 and 100 miles. For long-distance specialists there are also events which are measured by the mileage covered within a set time: these are the 12 and 24 hour events.

WRC members are active participants in time trial events of all disciplines and have enjoyed much success in the sport. While the club runs local time-trials over short distances in the spring and summer evenings, members participate right up the longest of events including the national 24 hour championship race.

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Please contact our time trial ambassador if you have any questions.

Time Trial Ambassador


I’m the current club bulletin editor and participate in road racing and time trials, mainly concentrating on TTs up to 50 miles in length. I've a particular interest in the training and technical side of the sport.

Any help or advice around entry, rules, events or further information contact me.