One of the most popular disciplines of cycle sport is mass-start road and circuit racing. There is a wide variety of events on offer from closed circuit events typically lasting no more than an hour to multi-day international stage races.

The sport caters for boys, girls, men and women of all ability levels and ages with categories to cater for novices right up to the sport's elite.

Events are also available that allow racers to compete with those of a similar age ensuring that there's suitable competition for riders of advanced years!

The club's membership participates in a range of road and circuit events organised by a variety of governing bodies (British Cycling/Welsh Cycling/TLI) and also supports a number of events including the North Wales road race series and circuit races on the Marsh Tracks facility in Rhyl. (Marsh tracks host events every Wednesday evening from April until August for children of 8 years old through to adult races).

North Wales road race series and Marsh tracks events can be entered online via the British cycling website or by contacting the organising club direct.

Please contact our road & circuit ambassador if you have any questions.

Road & Circuit Ambassador


I’m the current club chairman and passionate about road and circuit racing, actively support British/welsh cycling as a road and circuit racing commissaire, sit on the Welsh cycling development committee and love to see the club kit out on the road and circuit racing and representing the club.

Any help or advice on entry, rules, events or further information contact me.