While competition can give a welcome edge to cycling and serves as a motivator for many, more and more cyclists are riding simply for reasons of health and general enjoyment - or the practicality of commuting versus the cost and stress of driving.

The club membership contains many whose riding is mainly non-competitive, whether this is the club's regular Sunday rides, summer midweek 'bimbles', or other ad hoc group rides.

In addition many of the racing fraternity also like to mix up their riding with everything from organised reliability rides and sportives on the road (with the whole range of events from local favourites such as 'Wild Wales' and 'Cheshire Cat' to the famous European Gran Fondos such as the Marmotte, Etape du Tour and Nove Colli) right up to multi-day off-road events in Europe.

Individual members have their own preferences and choose to focus on whatever cycling event or discipline that appeals, whether that is organised or simply the daily commute. The club and its membership is always there to offer advice, support and encouragement.

Why not try a sportive ride?

If you are not into competitive cycling but fancy a challenge, or if you want to mix up your training a little, then why not try a sportive ride? These are organised mass participation events, usually held over a variety of distances with a large amount of climbing, but they are not races, and the achievement for many is simply to complete the course.

Club members have participated in sportive events in the UK and continental Europe inclduing the Dave Lloyd Mega Challenge over 150 miles in Snowdonia, and La Marmotte, which finishes at the summit of the legendary Alpe D'Huez climb. Both have climbing in excess of 5000m.